Two disciplines come together to create a unique show, an expression of art in its purest form.

The charm and guitar mastery on stage of Javier Vargas, together with the talent of David Dalmau, who through his painting, captures the essence and spirit of festive occasions and atmosphere, combine in a magnificent climax where both styles merge in unbounded passion. David Dalmau has produced a number of original works of art inspired by a number of pieces from Vargas Blues Band’s repertoire and has turned them into animations that will be displayed in especially designed spaces, on stage and around the musicians.

The ideal venue for this live recording (Blu- ray+ CD) cannot be any other but HEART Ibiza (by Adrià Brothers & Cirque du Soleil).

Javier Vargas

David Dalmau


Federico Ortega
+34 649 410 254

Contact & Booking

David Arnoldi
+34 667 846 270


Passeig de Joan Carles I, 17
+34 971 933 777